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A Day In The Life

The lilac outside our bedroom window is in bloom. The fragrance from the light purple or lilac, cone shaped panicles bring me back to my days in National school. It was the favourite perfume of our teacher in first class. I often felt I could almost grasp the fragrance with my hands, as it seemed to cling to the air when the teacher walked among the desks.


This is another one of those compositions that I am making up as I go along. Ronan Collins is on the radio playing a song called “Grandpa was a carpenter” by the American country singer called John Prine. I was fairly late coming on the John Prine bandwagon. In fact so late it was only when his death was announced that I really became aware of this singer-songwriter of social commentary with his often humorous style.


The reminder arrived on my phone today. COVID-19 Dose 2, appointment at a well-known hotel and resort centre fifteen minutes drive from here. Vaccine Astra Zeneca. Am I alone in my thinking about this Astra Zeneca vaccine being pushed on the over 60,s? The scientists tell us that a dose of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna  vaccine as a second dose for those that have already received the first dose of Astra Zeneca is more effective. But we are not give a choice. Maybe I shouldn’t be complaining. Be grateful!


As I finish mowing the lawn I am careful not to stray onto the recently planted flower bed. The idea was to arrange various plants and flowers in the shape of a capital letter “M”. So  this household is eagerly awaiting when the colourful display of Fressia, Sea Thistle, Festuca grasses, Erica heathers and hollyhocks mature.

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