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Galway Trees

I stroll nonchantly by on my evening walking ritual.  They barely notice me with bowed heads sharing their secrets with the birds of how they got there.    I do not question or consume their story,  I do not want to become a transferred of stories.  They are just there- like a relic of medieval […]

My Journey

My Journey started six days ago. It was to a place called “The Spring Clean” and was long overdue. I paid for it with “elbow grease” and perspiration.  My home sparkles and smells divine but I would not like to book another ticket for at least another six months. I am what you might call […]

I talk to myself

I Talk To Myself all the time in the language of solace.  When the seasons come to the meadows and I note the beauty of the daisy and buttercup in the quiet countryside. I talk to myself when things in need of doing get noticed,  and in response to the news pouring out of various […]


The fluty notes of the birds in Summer shock me while I eavesdrop in the garden on one of those mornings when courage unfolds from the Atlantic breeze and yesterday’s worries fade away. 

Tyto Alba (Barn Owl)

  Out of nowhere you appear silent, shy predator of the night top of the food chain it is claimed. You are everything I don’t know about you a two second shriek your outward stroke of power. I watch from a distance ghostly white but you disappear quicker than the frost when the sun comes […]

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