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The Stuff of Life/The Life of Stuff

Life is full of miracles and mysteries.   It is a miracle that we are here on earth and that we are sustained by all that surrounds us.   There is the divine produce of mother and father nature and the substances from the natural world that people like you and me have taken and moulded for […]

Weekend Trip to The Greenbrier

  A work colleague went to a convention at The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and he couldn’t stop singing its praises.   He loved the old-world-charm of the place which was established over 200 years before to accommodate people who came to “take the waters” of the White Sulphur Springs.   It became a gathering […]

DEFRAG. ……. “Say what?”…

  Defrag., an abbreviation of defragmentation is a new word for me.   Some people may be familiar with it as it relates to defragging the hard drive in their computer to organize the contents of storage devices to free up space.   It is the opposite of fragmentation, the process of being broken into fragments, […]

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