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Climate change is not My problem or is it?

Climate Change is not my problem. Or is it ?   When I began to think about the statement ‘Climate change is not my problem’, I quickly decided that I could not disagree more with the statement.   I know what you’re thinking “Ahh the idealism of youth”, however when you break it down the […]

“Durcan’s poetry can be at once gloomy and bright.”

 I decided to set myself a challenge  and read Durcans Poetry  and  partially answer one of daughters Leaving Cert Questions.   I thoroughly agree with the assessment of Durcan’s poetry as being simultaneously gloomy and bright. Though much of Durcan’s poetry deals with many dark, intense issues such as mental illness, institutional abuse and difficult […]

Dear Nana

Dear Nana, I’m sorry I wasn’t there with you to hold your hand, to whisper in your ear, tell you how much I loved you or to stroke your cheek and tell you it’s OK or to tell you how proud you would be of the kids. Hope you are happy with granddad. You would […]

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