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A ball of emotion

With joy in heart and spring in step, we walk Down the shallow steps to take our seats. All settled in, we gladly turn to talk Of famous wins and infamous defeats.   The ball is up, the game is on – let’s go! Hearts pounding hard, our hopeful spirits soar. The other team kicks […]

Baby love

Your beaming smile is bright beyond compare: The sight of you makes my heart leap with glee. The softness of your skin so clear and fair, (You look more like your Dad than you do me!)   Your humour is capricious, ever-changing At once so quick to laugh and quick to cry. Tears to giggles, […]

All’s well that ends well.

I saw your face and heard your name today, It threw me for a second, I’ll admit. What my main feeling was is hard to say, Heartbreak, or grief or loss no longer fit.   Back then, you caused me no amount of pain, Though I convinced myself that I was fine. You said I’d […]

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