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Patience Regained

Patience Regained



Diagnosis of illness acute or chronic

renders previous challenges small.

Human beings suffer,

you know its true when the pain is yours.

Doctors present surgery and treatment plans.

First impulse is to think of worst case scenario,

instinctively grieving the life lost.



Fearful, I fall silent

in contemplation and prayer,

to converse with Jesus,

listen to His wise words and

trust in His calming Grace.

Blocking out the din of uncertainty

making space for good news to come.



With open heart and mind, listening

for inspiration from all the generations

that are part of the great jigsaw puzzle of life.

I put my trust in God and His working

through the hearts and hands of people around me.

Appreciating their life-saving work reminds me to be patient

and peace-of-mind silently tiptoes in.



Healing begins quietly and slowly all night and day

asleep and awake my energy grows.

A modest set of hopes can be dreamed.

Grateful for the life I have now,

laughter, love and goodness in abundance.

Patiently I live with new boundaries.

I’m part of the world again.



Note:  I wrote this in response to the Saolta Poems for Patience Competition.

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