Welcomes writers at all levels in their skills development, from beginners to published writers
We share our writing among friends enjoying mutual support and encouragement

Tuam Creative Writers is an off-shoot of Tuam Pen Club which has provided a forum for people living in North Galway, with an interest in creative writing, for the past 2 decades.

In these changing times we wish to offer a wider forum for those who wish to develop their writing skills and make their work available to a larger audience.

Membership is free and open to everybody regardless of education. The only prerequisite is an interest in creative writing be it story, drama, poetry, travel, biography, essays, etc.

Given the difficult times that young people are enduring at present we would like to offer them an outlet for their creativity and concerns. Within the Members’ Area feedback and assistance will be offered to those who would like validation or encouragement.

Once the Covid 19 pandemic is no longer a threat we hope to restore the social side of the Club when people can meet and mutually support each other.

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