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I wrote this poem twenty years ago, in another life.


Addiction happens when we cannot deal

With the way we feel.

And we seek to fill the emptiness inside 

With desires and attractions from outside.


Avoidance of pain

That’s the addict’s game.

Pursuit of pleasure

For addicts that’s the measure.


A compulsive cycle of going for a session

Can become an obsession.

It can cause heartache and strife

Addiction can take over your life.


Addiction causes sickness and illness

And work days to miss.

It’s always one step away.

That’s why addicts take it day by day.


The addict’s craving is never satisfied

It’s really a cry for help from inside.

He needs more and more 

Just to keep him off the floor.


It’s more than a sneeze.

Addiction is a disease

Addicts do because they can’t not do.

Is it you?

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