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Irish Draught Horse Mends The Planet

We tried to divert the course of nature

thinking ourselves progressive, we dredged rivers,

drained bottomland,  loughs, bogs, dug out rushes,

furze and destroyed noxious ragwort.

We uprooted inconveniently growing trees, hedgerows,

superstitiously avoiding fairy trees and forts

foreseeing fomentation of supernatural fury.

No such divination was applied to Mother Nature,

thinking we only had to will stronger than fate to change fate.

Mother Nature taught she is stronger, she will not be denied.

Rains came and filled flood plains, flood water overflowed riverbanks.

Alternating heat waves scorched agricultural crops, dried up water stores

depriving living things of clean water the real ‘staff of life’ and food.


Who today will build an ark and mend the planet?


Let’s tack up Jack, my steely gray dray with kind eyes.

At the withers he is sixteen hands high.

Jack has a willing nature and heeds my voice commands.

For maximum communication I use the bit in his mouth

That I liken to the differential on a Massey Ferguson.

Jack’s four fine fetlocks have low impact on environmentally sensitive sites,

no noise pollution, no oil leak to destroy the ecosystem.

We’ll plant native Irish broadleaf trees for the planet,

trees for the bees, willow, hawthorn, hazel, sycamore, holly,

birch, oak and conifers: Scots pine, Douglas fir, spruce.

Trees reduce greenhouse gasses, clean the air we breathe, give us a beautiful harvest.

Varied flora and fauna will appear in this diverse habitat.

Horses can help a new generation to sustainable agricultural practices.


A different kind of society will evolve, it can feel good about it’s work.

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