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My Journey

My Journey started six days ago. It was to a place called “The Spring Clean” and was long overdue.

I paid for it with “elbow grease” and perspiration. 

My home sparkles and smells divine but I would not like to book another ticket for at least another six months.

I am what you might call a reluctant cleaner , more of a tourist, just a quick visit every now and then when I’m in the humour. 

I struggled with the decision making process, like how deep would I clean and would I use a few cheat sheet tips. But once the decision was made I gave it everything and did not use my Google maps once.

I met some old friends along the way called “stuff”, things I thought I would never meet again. I will admit they delayed my progress as I reminisced and pondered should I keep, donate or sell on.

Now that I’ve reached my destination and the sun is out I have to admit there’s something to be said for that sense of achievement you feel after pulling off something you kept putting on the long finger. 

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