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To Coming Times



And when the good times return again

we’ll meet for a beer or a well-made coffee.

We’ll visit the old shops and try on shoes or clothes

no longer having to guess size and style.

We’ll celebrate important events like births or deaths

with hugs and kisses and physical closeness.

We’ll travel to places we used to know, but have

almost forgotten, and savour warm, life-affirming air.

We’ll go dancing and enjoy the rhythm

of close encounters and delicious physicality.

We’ll stand in crowded places and welcome

their throbbing pulse and warm embrace.

We’ll walk the streets and bump into old friends

and marvel, once more, at how small the world really is.

We’ll sing to our heart’s content,

united in one, loud, harmonious voice.

And when the good times return again,

we’ll welcome them with open arms.

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