Welcomes writers at all levels in their skills development, from beginners to published writers
We share our writing among friends enjoying mutual support and encouragement

Hello - Welcome to Tuam Creative Writers'

This year we will meet twice a month, on the first and third Wednesdays, from 6pm to 8pm.

Our venue is The Family Centre – SVP House, Dublin Road, Tuam H54AH75.

The membership fee is €25 annually and €2 per meeting to cover refreshments.

At our meetings we sit around a table. Then we are given a broad theme to inspire us and spend an hour writing about it. All responses are acceptable.

Then, over refreshments, people are given time to read out their contributions, if they so desire. In return they are given suggestions and positive affirmation from others in the group. Our aim is to learn from each other.

Members are free to further develop what they have written during the meeting at home and have it published on our site in the public or members only areas.
Members are also encouraged to write on any topic they choose and in a form of their choice. These contributions will be published on our public site if the author wishes.

Our members vary in age and experience and this diversity greatly adds to the creativity of the club.

We like to recall and remember, to make sense of our experiences while at the same time developing an appropriate style.

Feel free to drop into any of our meetings to see and hear what we do. There is no obligation to join.

The following are examples of our writing. We hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to come to one of our meetings.

"Enjoy reading some of our recent work."

Soul Time

As the afternoon was very close i.e. uncomfortably warm, I took a break from the strenuous back-breaking work in the bog that had occupied my

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  And now the Irish are ashamed To see themselves in one year tamed So much one man can do That does both act and

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SUCH A LONG JOURNEY   I remember it all so clearly, the day they arrived in Galway city – disoriented, frightened and looking totally bewildered

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My Journey

My Journey started six days ago. It was to a place called “The Spring Clean” and was long overdue. I paid for it with “elbow

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I wrote this poem twenty years ago, in another life.   Addiction happens when we cannot deal With the way we feel. And we seek

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I talk to myself

I Talk To Myself all the time in the language of solace.  When the seasons come to the meadows and I note the beauty of

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The fluty notes of the birds in Summer shock me while I eavesdrop in the garden on one of those mornings when courage unfolds from

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It was a typical autumn day, early September 1987,quite windy but good sunshine to ripen the oats in the far field. Paul and Peggy had

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Climate Change

It was a Sunday in early February 1990. The access road to our house has a drain running on one side. This drain had burst

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To Coming Times

    And when the good times return again we’ll meet for a beer or a well-made coffee. We’ll visit the old shops and try

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Tyto Alba (Barn Owl)

  Out of nowhere you appear silent, shy predator of the night top of the food chain it is claimed. You are everything I don’t

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Fireside Adventurer

Agony Aunts are inundated weekly with requests for help breaking up with lovers and friends, in particular women worrying about how best to break up

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