Welcomes writers at all levels in their skills development, from beginners to published writers
We share our writing among friends enjoying mutual support and encouragement

Hello - Welcome to Tuam Creative Writers'

This year we will meet twice a month, on the first and third Wednesdays, from 6pm to 8pm.

Our venue is The Family Centre – SVP House, Dublin Road, Tuam H54AH75.

The membership fee is €25 annually and €2 per meeting to cover refreshments.

At our meetings we sit around a table. Then we are given a broad theme to inspire us and spend an hour writing about it. All responses are acceptable.

Then, over refreshments, people are given time to read out their contributions, if they so desire. In return they are given suggestions and positive affirmation from others in the group. Our aim is to learn from each other.

Members are free to further develop what they have written during the meeting at home and have it published on our site in the public or members only areas.
Members are also encouraged to write on any topic they choose and in a form of their choice. These contributions will be published on our public site if the author wishes.

Our members vary in age and experience and this diversity greatly adds to the creativity of the club.

We like to recall and remember, to make sense of our experiences while at the same time developing an appropriate style.

Feel free to drop into any of our meetings to see and hear what we do. There is no obligation to join.

The following are examples of our writing. We hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to come to one of our meetings.

"Enjoy reading some of our recent work."


ENNUI   A recent article in the British Medical Journal dealt with the findings of a Singapore-based team of researchers. The results of a survey,

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A ball of emotion

With joy in heart and spring in step, we walk Down the shallow steps to take our seats. All settled in, we gladly turn to

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Ordinary Life

Ordinary Life   I was thinking about all the changes we go through in life and how long it takes us to make the changed

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So much to learn

So much to learn…   As well as alleviating social isolation intergenerational groups help young people and old to abandon unconscious and conscious biases they

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Baby love

Your beaming smile is bright beyond compare: The sight of you makes my heart leap with glee. The softness of your skin so clear and

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Judas Tree Haiku

Blooms on a tree trunk, Oh! so bright and visible,Like a traitor’s kiss.   This Haiku was my response to a poetry “challenge” on Twitter

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On the train from the ferry,I’m pointing, enthusing;nose snug in the guidebook,you snigger at ‘BUTT Bridge’.   Five minutes later,while crossing the Loopline,you’re lovestruck…  

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I KNOW A WOMAN   I know a woman who forgot to grow up. She never made it past childhood; it seems. Though she has

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Just Imagine

Just Imagine  …               … The Covid-19 pandemic is a Blessing in Disguise.   It has taught us some life lessons.               Imagine all

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Last Day at the Strand

Last Day at the Strand   “I didn’t know we were coming here,” my mother accused.        “Neither did I; I just decided as we drove

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    It must have been a street photographer who snapped them as they passed – 2 young men striding purposely along a Dublin street.

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THE LOST GIRLS It was an annual ritual in the school. Sometime after Easter the Year Head had to organise a day out for his

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