Hello - Welcome to Tuam Creative Writers'

The Tuam Pen Club, that has now been expanded and rebranded as Tuam Creative Writers, attracted a wide range of people both men and women, young and old, workers, carers, immigrants and retired people.

Like the population in general we brought a wide range of experience to the club, enjoyed a variety of hobbies and pastimes and drew on our memories of home life as well as of travel and exile.

The common denominator was a desire to write and, in the process, to recall and remember, to make sense of our experiences while at the same time developing an appropriate style. We are ordinary people trying to do something extraordinary.

"Enjoy reading some of our recent work."

Found and Lost

The platinum blonde woman in the queueTurned aroundWe recognized each otherHer black hair had grown blondeMy brunette hair had grown grayPleasantly surprised we huggedForty years

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My Sunday walk through fields in Flaskaghmore is invigorating, the tonic that nature is.  Treading lightly, buoyed up on the grass sod, I float weightless

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The Escalator

Las Palmas in Gran Canaria has 5 large shopping centres built like American Malls. One of them called, El Muelle, is located in the port

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Summer 1966

That summer they arrived every nightfresh from digs and a hasty meal,ordering Guinness or pints of beer,thirsty after a hard day’s graftworking the lump for

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Behind Bars

I always hated school. Sitting in class listening to boring teachers talking about their boring subjects really turned me off. And even worse they expected

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